A library of 60min online hospitality classes for companies, teams, or individuals.
CLIMB is accredited and offered by The International School of Hospitality
Instant 24/7 access, multi-level training, created by hospitality pros for hospitality pros

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An accredited library of 60-min online hospitality training classes

Employers love climb

Easy administration

Cost effective

Retain employees

Multi-level training

learners love climb

Accredited credentials
Quality and transferable

Record of learning + Digital badges  

"I was not trained..."

You do not want an employee to ever say these words. Mistakes can be costly. Liability can be even more so. Let CLIMB provide needed insulation. Offering training options to employees shows that you care for their professional growth. This is the best way to win retention.

"You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business."

— Zig Ziglar

how it works for teams

$350 per learner / access to all content / assign series or classes / 40+% quantity discounts for 10+ learners / get started by contacting: info@hospitalityclimb.com

Instant & Turnkey

If your company needs a training library, you have one now.

Classes for associates, supervisors, and managers.

Classes that promote completion, not dropouts.

Flexible adoption, for value and more options for learners.

Full control

Assign relevant classes.

View progress.


Manage your learners your way.

Cost Effective

Big tuition savings.

Why? Because we are all hospitality people.

We know your needs.

Targeted Subjects

Dozens of classes made by hospitality professionals.

Not thousands of generic ones built for everyone from construction to pharaceuticals.

how it works for individual learners

choose your series or classes / add to cart + checkout / receive login access / start your learning right away

recognized credential

From an accredited school. Show your credential with pride.

Time savings

Not school as you remember. Interesting topics and examples. Short, 60-minute classes. Built to encourage completion and learning.

anytime & anywhere

You decide when and where to learn. CLIMB eLearning classes can be accessed 24/7 on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Immediate benefits

Be better at your job right away. Improvements you can see. Credentials that make you shine. All for a better tomorrow.

power up with real digital credentials

Learners who complete a series of CLIMB classes receive a Record of Accomplishment and a Credly digital badge (which can be added to LinkedIn). Learners who complete an individual CLIMB class will receive a CEU record.

CLIMB is Organizational Coaching at it's versatile best

"CLIMB is a no-brainer for any company looking to sharpen their team quickly and affordably."

— Michele Kline, Principal, Kline Hospitality

CLIMB training is unique and scalable for many levels of learners

"To see real results and achieve true buy-in from team members, hospitality training must be developed by and for real hospitality pros"

— Ramesh Sadhwani, Former President & CEO of Wynn / Encore Resort, Las Vegas

The real strength of this library is the instant, anytime, anywhere access

"Nowadays, busy team members need to find the time to take training classes. The mobile-friendly CLIMB platform makes it so easy."

— Marti Winer, VP of Operations, MGM Resorts Event Productions