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Core Series: Associate Level

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Associates are the core of hospitality operations. Despite the important functions they perform, training options are often limited. With training, associates can improve their productivity, make better decisions, with confidence.

There are a number of practical topics that are rarely taught. Climb classes highlight those necessary skills to succeed, such as practical math, etiquette, service, and protecting themselves and guests.

The Core Series: Associate Level includes:

  • A001 Practical Math for Hospitality
  • A002 Tools for Building Guest Loyalty
  • A003 Business Writing Essentials
  • A004 Hospitality Etiquette Basics
  • A005 Recognizing Harassment
  • A006 Make it Right: Win Back the Guest
  • A007 Protecting Yourself in the Workplace
  • A008 Suspicious Activity: What is Next?
  • A009 The Language of Hospitality
  • A010 Upsell: Enhance the Guest Experience

Successful completion of all (10) training classes will earn a Record of Accomplishment.

Core Series:  Associate Level

Core Series: Associate Level