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Core Series: Manager Level

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Training for managers are often theoretical with an emphasis on principles. Hospitality professionals are short on time and attention span because they are pulled in so many directions. Climb training classes are efficient and focus on examples that boost retention.

There are a number of practical topics that are rarely taught. Learning these skills can improve performance and productivity, helping build confidence and competence. Climb classes highlight many of these necessary skills, such as how to coach under performers and mentor high performers, be more productive, present effectively, interview candidates, build emotional intelligence, and more.

The Core Series: Manager Level includes:

  • M001 Coaching Underperformers
  • M002 Get Your Way: Presenting Effectively
  • M003 Implications of Hospitality Law
  • M004 Interviewing for Hospitality
  • M005 Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • M006 Managing for Success in a Union Workforce
  • M007 Mastering Your Productivity
  • M008 Mentoring High Performers
  • M009 Tools of Professional Selling
  • M010 Identifying and Bridging Learning Gaps

Successful completion of all (10) training classes will earn a Record of Accomplishment.

Core Series:  Manager Level

Core Series: Manager Level