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Service Inspiration video series

Elevate Your Service Standards with Hospitality's Best Practices

Presenting the CLIMB® Service Inspiration Video Series, a compelling collection of 2-4 minute videos that distill the essence of hospitality service principles. Designed to energize your team, instill them with best practices from 18 years of accredited hospitality training, and inspire them to elevate your company's service standards to unparalleled heights.

"A Game-Changer"

Hospitality executive Donald Bowman introduces the series

Team Training Sessions

An excellent tool during training sessions, providing tangible and proven strategies to enhance service levels.

Team Huddle / Pre-Shifts

Use the series as a motivational tool to inspire team members and foster a culture of exceptional service.

Service Overhaul

If your company is undergoing a comprehensive strategy revamp, this video series can provide insights into improving customer service standards.

New Business Ventures

Startups or businesses entering new markets can use these videos to establish high service standards from the onset.

Quality Improvement

For companies experiencing service quality issues, the series offers valuable insights and best practices to address and overcome these challenges.

Competitive Edge

In highly competitive industries, these videos can help businesses stand out by elevating their service levels.

Customer Satisfaction

The series can be used to boost customer satisfaction rates, as it focuses on strategies that improve overall customer experience.

Performance Reviews

The collection can serve as a great resource during performance reviews, helping team members understand where they can improve in terms of service delivery.

Regular Refreshers

Regularly revisiting the series can help keep the principles fresh, ensuring consistent high-quality service.

Smile More

Discover the magic of a genuine smile and its transformative power in delivering exceptional service. Learn how a simple smile can create memorable customer experiences, setting your service apart from the competition.

Own it

Embrace the 'Everything is my job' mantra. We provide practical examples showcasing a sense of ownership, care, and urgency. This frame of mind leads to forming a team identity.

Care Deeply

Outstanding service stems from genuine care. We stress the importance of caring for each other, customers, the workplace, and most importantly, oneself.

Spread Happiness

Cultivate a personal drive to bring joy to others. This is at the heart of service. We provide simple tools to keep this drive alive and thriving.

Help Always

Nurture a desire to help people, always thinking about what more could be done for someone. Being switched on to assist mode as much as possible throughout the working day.

Exceed Expectations

Implement the Plus One technique. Constantly ask yourself, 'What extra can I do to make this easier for the next person?' or 'What unexpected thing can I do?'

Show Sincerity and Empathy

Learn how to convey genuine understanding for customers' needs and situations, and ways to demonstrate sincerity and empathy so it is felt by customers.

Take Pride

Understand the benefits of taking pride in one's work and developing pride in working at the company. Work pride leads to better brand representation.

Anticipate Needs

Discover ways to think ahead for others (both customers and colleagues). Challenge yourself to anticipate what someone needs before they even realize it.

Understand Preferences

Realize the importance of getting to know customer preferences and acting on them. Uncover the keys to making customers feel like real VIP’s.

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