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Practical Math for Success in Hospitality

The daily workings of most hospitality positions do not necessarily revolve around math. Hospitality is, after all, a people business. Take not, however, of the word “business” in “people business.” Hospitality is ultimately a business, and business requires efficiency. Running an efficient operation does require some math.


Some daily functions that require math may be obvious: accounts receivable, accounts payable, audits, and even just balancing cash in the drawer. Less obvious examples might be in housekeeping, where keeping inventory on the cart minimizes restocking. Math is also necessary for keeping par levels and scheduling staff.

Mathematics is a language; it uses alphabets, numbers and symbols. Every person around the world learns the same math. Yet, math scares some people. Mostly, math is scary because people think that it is difficult, or that they cannot understand it. Still, everybody knows they need it. Math helps solve problems, plan one’s day, and is essential to everyday life.

Here is an option for you to learn more in just an hour or more.

CLIMB is a library of hospitality classes, all of which are one-hour in length, and delivered in an interactive, online platform. CLIMB training classes are comprised of selected topics that are essential to the success of a hospitality professional. With CLIMB, you can learn the essentials of practical math for the hospitality industry.

CLIMB classes are self-paced, low cost, and accredited. Each class grants Continuing Education Units (CEU’s), and all classes are developed by hospitality professionals for hospitality professionals.

Upon completion, all participants may download a summary action sheet with quick tips and techniques from the class that allow for immediate application of the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA’s) learned.  Participants may also print out a customized evidence of completion automatically.

CLIMB classes are available for associate, supervisory and managerial levels. CLIMB can be purchased by individuals, managers for their department and HR professionals for organizational deployment.

CLIMB is a service offered by TISOH: The International School of Hospitality. Established in 2005, TISOH is an accredited hospitality continuing education institution located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Developed for the industry and by the industry, TISOH offers quality short-term, practical training and career development programs in hospitality. Programs include concierge, conference management and event planning, catering, exhibition & tradeshow management, hospitality leadership and supervision, hospitality human resources, hospitality marketing & sales, hotel operations, and wedding coordination and design. TISOH offers individualized student support, small class sizes, and online courses. Diploma graduates, trained by working experts in the field, enjoy an 85 percent job placement rate. TISOH is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. For more information, visit www.tisoh.edu or call (702) 947-7200.

Learn more at www.hospitalityclimb.com

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