10 Hour Hospitality Climb- Supervisor Core Series

Core Series: Supervisor Level (includes 10 classes)

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Supervisors often earn their positions by performing well and climbing up the career ladder. There will be gaps in their learning that when filled, can improve their performance, build competence and confidence.

There are a number of practical topics that are rarely taught. Climb classes highlight those necessary skills to succeed, such as communication, effective meetings, making the jump to a team leader, service, diversity, ethics, understanding financials, and safety.

The Core Series: Supervisor Level includes:

  • S001 Communicate Effectively with Associates
  • S002 Fast Meetings, Quick Results
  • S003 Making the Jump to Team Leader
  • S004 Understanding Profit and Loss
  • S005 Maximizing Your Daily Meeting
  • S006 Meaningful Guest Interactions 
  • S007 Practical Ethics in Hospitality
  • S008 Resolving Conflict: Crushing Difficult Conversations
  • S009 Supervising a Safe Working Environment
  • S010 The Inclusion Solution: Diversity in the Workplace
Successful completion of all (10) training classes will earn a Record of Accomplishment.