5 Hour Hospitality Climb- Guest Service Series

Guest Service Skill Series (includes 5 classes)

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Guest service is the cornerstone of hospitality. Providing guest service is a skill that can be taught. This Series provides skills with practical application examples to drive the points home.

There are a number of practical topics that no one ever teaches us. Climb classes highlight these necessary skills, such as the language to use in service, how to have a meaningful exchange with a guest, how to create memorable experiences, how to upsell and when things go wrong, how to win back the guest.

The Guest Service Skill Series includes:

  • A002 Tools for Building Guest Loyalty
  • A006 Make it Right: Win Back the Guest
  • A009 The Language of Hospitality
  • A010 Upsell: Enhance the Guest Experience
  • S006 Meaningful Guest Interactions

Successful completion of all (5) training classes will earn a Record of Accomplishment.