5 Hour Hospitality Climb- Essential Management Series

Essential Management Skill Series (includes 5 classes)

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Not all of us went to business school. There are some key management concepts that affect what we do as hospitality professionals.

There are a number of practical topics that no one ever teaches us. Climb classes highlight these necessary skills, such as how to interpret financial statements, how ethics affects our work, what to be aware of to prevent lawsuits, how to interview someone, and how to find out what team members need to learn.

The Essential Management Skill Series includes:

  • S004 Understanding Profit and Loss
  • S007 Practical Ethics in Hospitality
  • M003 Implications of Hospitality Law
  • M004 Interviewing for Hospitality
  • M010 Identifying and Bridging Learning Gaps

Successful completion of all (5) training classes will earn a Record of Accomplishment.