5 Hour Hospitality Climb- Communication Series

Communication Skill Series (includes 5 classes)

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Hospitality is a labor intensive industry, making effective communication a fundamental skill. This Series brings together diverse classes that highlight business writing, communication with different audiences, and how to communicate persuasively.

There are a number of practical topics that no one ever teaches us. Climb classes highlight these necessary skills, such as the proper way to write both formally and informally, how to communicate with employees in a way to get them to buy in, how to deal with difficult conversations, how to sell, and how to present.

The Communication Skill Series includes:

  • A003 Business Writing Essentials
  • S001 Communicate Effectively with Associates
  • S008 Resolving Conflict: Crushing Difficult Conversations
  • M002 Get Your Way: Presenting Effectively
  • M009 Tools of Professional Selling

Successful completion of all (5) training classes will earn a Record of Accomplishment.